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Revolutionizing Healthcare: Automation of Patient Waitlists Enhances Experience and Boosts Staff Efficiency

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We’ve already discussed how an effective automated waitlist program can improve patient satisfaction by providing more efficient service and timely care. Improving patient satisfaction and reducing wait times also leads to better patient access.

With an automated schedule management tool like the Curago Waitlist, your practice can eliminate manual tasks such as contacting patients about earlier appointment times and updating the practice schedule. Our automated solution fills open appointments within minutes. It updates the schedule accordingly in real-time, and all staff has to do is add interested patients to the Waitlist with the click of a button through their electronic health record (EHR). Furthermore, when a patient books an appointment using this system, the Curago Waitlist automatically sends any necessary pre-registration forms. Notifying patients about open appointments, booking time slots, and sending paperwork is automated, meaning staff doesn’t have to do anything besides initially adding the patient to the Waitlist.

These features free up staff time to devote to other important tasks to improve the patient experience and protect against human error from manual data entry mistakes and work overload. An effective waitlist program like Curago’s can significantly improve patient satisfaction and help patients receive timely care. With an efficient program in place, your practice will provide a better service for your patients and reduce costs associated with scheduling delays and missed appointments. When patients have access to a convenient and easy-to-use system, they are much more likely to follow through with scheduling and attending appointments–which is especially important for underserved populations and those with tricky personal schedules to work around.

We believe the Curago Waitlist is a simple and effective way to improve patient satisfaction and access while saving your practice time and money. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out!