Patient Communication

Prepping a patient for a visit is essential. Curago provides the option to communicate pre-visit instructions to a patient via text and email. This helps reduce no show-rates significantly and provides quality care.

When appointments are scheduled, patients will receive a text and/or email explaining how to prepare for their upcoming appointment. For visits types such as procedures, the communication can include patient education and each step they must take to prepare for their procedure.

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Curago understands that patients may need different reminders based on their visit type. Curago can customize appointment reminders based on your patient’s event type.

You are in control of how and when appointment reminders are sent to patients. Once appointment reminders are setup for each appointment type, Curago automatically sends out reminders when appointments are scheduled in the EHR. Additionally, you can setup each reminder to ask patients to confirm their appointment via text. Once a patient confirms, Curago updates the EHR confirming the appointment and is smart enough not to ask the patient again.

Curago provides the flexibility to customize emails and text messages sent to the patient. With Curago, you can send broadcast email and text messages to your patient population in the language they prefer and increase patient satisfaction.
Curago understands the need to communicate with patients effectively and securely. Providers and staff can chat with patients via HIPAA compliant two-way texting utilizing a toll-free number assigned to your practice.

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