Patient Intake

Automate your patient intake process and reach patients where they are

Curago’s automated multilingual patient intake software collects data from new and existing patients and updates your EHR so your staff doesn’t have to

The patient’s journey starts when an appointment is scheduled in the EHR, the appointment fires off a customized Curago Workflow that can be defined based on the appointment type, the age and/or gender of the patient, the visit’s location, and the provider selected.

When appointments are scheduled, patients will receive a text and/or email that prompts them to pre-register for their appointment. Patients can complete their paperwork in their preferred language before their visit, allowing the office staff to focus on proactively assisting patients with their care journey instead of reacting to the myriad of phone calls and in-person requests.

Automate collecting social determinants of health information and improve UDS & MACRA/MIPS scores automatically

Curago automates collecting and updating social determinants of health and other information as often as your practice requires. Curago recommends collecting this data every six months to ensure health centers are can run UDS & MACRA/MIPS reports anytime and receive the highest possible scores.

Allow patients to check-in and pay their co-pay and account balance on their mobile device via Curago’s Contactless Registration solution

With Curago’s contactless registration solution, patients can pay their co-pay, save their credit card on file, and are strongly encouraged to pay their account balance in full as part of check-in to see their provider.

The Curago Intake dashboard helps your team proactively manage appointments

As patients pre-register and check-in, Curago updates your EHR’s schedule so your staff know when it is time to take action (e.g., update insurance, COVID-19 screening results).

Present the right intake questions and forms specific to your patient’s appointment, gender, and age.

Commonly, the type of visit a patient is scheduled for determines the paperwork that is presented to the patient, along with the intake and clinical screening questions that must be asked. The intake process is often different based on the patient’s gender, age, and the scheduled provider. With Curago, practices can automate the intake process by simply scheduling an appointment. There are no additional steps, and the patient’s entire experience is designed to meet the clinic needs.

Curago reaches patients where they are: brandable kiosks and apps to improve the patient experience

Over the years, Curago has worked closely with health centers that serve our most vulnerable patients. Early on, we learned that our platform needed to support patients with language needs, given that 20% of these patients are also illiterate. As a result, we created the CuragoDocs app that allows patients to complete their paperwork on an iPad with your team member.

Curago provides self-service handheld, counter, wall-mounted, and floor standing kiosks to meet every waiting room configuration imaginable.

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