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Improve Patient Satisfaction through Waitlist Automation


When it comes to running a successful medical practice, managing the patient waitlist is one of the most important tasks. An effective waitlist program can significantly improve patient satisfaction and help patients receive timely care. With an efficient program in place, your practice will provide a better service for your patients and reduce costs associated with scheduling delays and missed appointments. However, someone at the practice must effectively manage the patient waitlist.

The key to effectively managing a waitlist is having access to real-time data about incoming requests, current availability, and cancellations so a practice can quickly respond when changes occur or when new openings become available. It’s a lot of work, and manually managing a waitlist is prone to manual data entry mistakes, which could lead to costly rescheduling issues if not caught early. Interestingly, most health centers and practices we talk to do not even maintain a waitlist because they don’t have enough staff to do the work. We think this must change, and one of the significant drivers behind why we developed the Curago Waitlist.

We recently released a new feature to our platform called the Curago Waitlist which automates the management of a practice’s waitlist. We’ve embedded it into our client’s electronic health record (EHR), so all the practice must do is click ‘Curago Waitlist’ to add the patient to their waitlist. Curago takes care of the rest. For example, when a patient changes or cancels their appointment, Curago will match it to patients on the Curago Waitlist and automatically email and text patients and ask if they would like the appointment. The patient who responds first will get the appointment, and Curago will update the EHR. Once the appointment is booked, Curago will invoke its standard pre-registration process. Besides adding a patient to the Curago Waitlist, nobody at the practice has had to do anything to manage their waitlist.

We believe that the Curago Waitlist is a simple yet effective feature that improves patient satisfaction and access while saving the practice a lot of work. If you would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.