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Curago automates collection of Staying Healthy Assessments for Community Health Centers in Los Angeles County


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The Staying Healthy Assessment Questionnaire is the Department of Health Care Services’ Individual Health Education Behavior Assessment. Plan providers are required to obtain these assessments from all Medi-Cal beneficiaries. The assessment questionnaires are specific to pediatric and adult age groups and need to be acquired by the health centers as part of the Initial Health Assessment for the patient.

Curago has facilitated this process for Community Health Centers by providing patients with the opportunity to fill out the Staying Healthy Assessment Questionnaire electronically. Curago provides a pre-registration and check-in process that prompts the patient to fill out the questionnaire based on the patient’s age group and the type of visit. Additionally, Curago can also present the questionnaire to the patients in additional languages such as Chinese, Khmer, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

Our Community Health Centers have heavily relied on Curago to collect the Staying Healthy Assessment Questionnaire from the patient based on the appropriate age group and visit type. Once Curago has obtained the questionnaire from the patient, Curago syncs the information to the electronic health record; this helps the health centers efficiently and effortlessly collect the appropriate information and allows the front desk staff to check-in patients promptly.

By Curago automating the collection of Staying Healthy Assessments, the staff at Community Health Centers have eliminated the manual process of collecting the patients’ questionnaires. The front desk staff can check in the patients on time without waiting for the patients to fill out the questionnaire, and providers can instantly review the information submitted by the patient