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Reducing No-Shows and Boosting Revenue: How Curago Health’s Platform Transforms Medical Practices


No-shows can significantly challenge medical practices, leading to wasted time, lost revenue, and reduced patient care efficiency. At Curago Health, we understand the importance of maintaining a steady and reliable patient flow. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative patient intake platform that includes pre-registration, automated reminders, and waitlist management. Our platform dramatically reduces no-show rates for our clients while cutting down on patient wait times.

The No-Show Problem

On average, healthcare practices experience a no-show rate of about 19%, translating to a substantial loss in potential revenue. For a typical practice, this can mean losing approximately $38,400 annually per provider due to missed appointments (National Library of Medicine). Such financial losses can hinder a practice’s ability to invest in new technology, hire additional staff, and improve patient services.

Curago Health’s Solution

Our platform at Curago Health is designed to tackle this issue head-on. By integrating pre-registration, automated reminders, waitlist management, and efficient patient intake processes, we’ve helped many practices reduce their no-show rates to between 8-12%. Here’s how we do it:


Pre-registration allows patients to fill out necessary forms and provide information before stepping into the office. This process not only saves time for both patients and staff but also ensures that appointments run smoothly and efficiently. Pre-registered patients are more likely to keep their appointments, knowing that the administrative part is already taken care of.

Automated Reminders

Automated reminders are critical in reducing no-show rates. Our system sends timely reminders via text, email, or phone, keeping appointments and pre-registration at the forefront of patient’s minds. Studies show that patients who receive reminders are significantly less likely to miss their appointments. When pre-registration is added to appointment reminders, the likelihood of missing appointments is reduced even further. This simple yet effective strategy can drastically cut down the number of no-shows.

Curago Health Patient Intake Platform Interface
Screenshot of Curago Health’s patient intake platform interface

Waitlist Management

Our waitlist management feature ensures that every appointment slot is filled. When a patient cancels or reschedules, our system automatically notifies waitlisted patients about the newly available slot. Curago can even cancel future appointments for patients scheduled from the waitlist. This dynamic adjustment helps practices maintain a full schedule, even when last-minute changes occur.

Efficient Patient Intake

Efficient patient intake is crucial for reducing wait times and improving patient satisfaction. Our platform streamlines the entire patient intake process, from check-in to the actual appointment, minimizing delays and ensuring that patients spend less time waiting and more time receiving care. This improvement enhances the patient experience and allows practices to operate more smoothly and effectively.

Financial Impact

The financial benefits of reducing no-show rates are substantial. Practices that lower their no-show rates from 19% to 8-12% can save thousands of dollars annually. These savings can be reinvested into the practice, allowing for improved patient care, better equipment, and enhanced staff training.

Reduced No-Show Rates with Curago Health
Graph showing reduced no-show rates after using Curago Health’s platform

For instance, if a practice typically loses $38,400 annually per provider due to no-shows, reducing the no-show rate to 8% could save approximately $22,400 annually. These savings represent reclaimed revenue and opportunities for growth and improvement within the practice.


At Curago Health, we’re dedicated to helping medical practices overcome the challenge of no-shows. Our patient intake platform reduces no-show rates, boosts revenue, and enhances the overall patient experience. We help practices thrive in an increasingly competitive healthcare landscape by leveraging technology and efficient management tools.

Interested in learning more about how Curago Health can transform your practice? Contact us today to schedule a demo and see the difference our platform can make.