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PRAPARE automation with Curago Health: Boost Efficiency in Community Health Centers


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, addressing the social determinants of health (SDOH) has become a critical component of patient care. Recognizing this, the Protocol for Responding to and Assessing Patients’ Assets, Risks, and Experiences (PRAPARE) was developed as a standardized tool to help health centers and other providers collect necessary data to better understand and act on their patient’s SDOH. As healthcare providers are increasingly held accountable for reaching population health goals while reducing costs, PRAPARE provides a comprehensive approach to identify and address these socioeconomic factors (AAPCHO) (NACHC). PRAPARE automation with Curago Health streamlines this process, saving time, identifying patient needs, and streamlining workflows.

Curago Health’s Role in Automating PRAPARE

At Curago Health, we understand the challenges healthcare providers face in managing and implementing PRAPARE. Our automated solutions are designed to streamline this process, saving providers time and enhancing documentation accuracy.

1. Saving Time for Providers

One of the significant benefits of automating PRAPARE with Curago Health is the substantial time savings for healthcare providers. By integrating PRAPARE into our automated system, providers can quickly and easily collect data on patients’ social determinants of health during pre-registration and check-in without manual data entry. This allows providers to spend more time on direct patient care rather than administrative tasks, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

2. Quickly Identifying Patient Needs

Curago Health’s automated system ensures that data collected through PRAPARE is promptly analyzed and presented to healthcare providers. This rapid identification of patient needs enables providers to promptly address social determinants of health. Whether it’s food insecurity, housing instability, or other social factors, our system helps providers quickly pinpoint issues and implement necessary interventions. The integration of PRAPARE automation with Curago Health ensures that these needs are met efficiently.

3. Streamlining Workflow and Reducing Errors

Manual data collection and entry are prone to errors, which can compromise the quality of patient care. Curago Health’s automated PRAPARE solution significantly reduces the risk of errors by streamlining the PRAPARE workflow. Our system ensures that data is accurately collected and recorded, minimizing the likelihood of mistakes. This not only enhances the reliability of the data but also boosts the overall efficiency of the healthcare team.

The Impact of PRAPARE

The importance of PRAPARE in addressing social determinants of health cannot be overstated. By leveraging PRAPARE, healthcare providers gain valuable insights into the factors affecting their patients’ health. This comprehensive approach is essential for achieving health equity and improving outcomes at both individual and community levels.


PRAPARE automation with Curago Health provides a robust solution to the challenges faced by healthcare providers in managing social determinants of health. By saving time, quickly identifying patient needs, and streamlining workflows to reduce errors, Curago Health is committed to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of community health centers. Together, we can ensure that every patient receives the comprehensive care they need, addressing medical issues and the social factors that impact their overall well-being.